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Don't Let Them Fool You

This is an ongoing series of animal portraits focused on sustanaible approach to nature.


First part was exhibited at Art Escape Studios in Copenhagen, 1st April 2023.

Geoffrey the Beekeeper

A collection of acrylic and watercolour paintings dedicated to bees.


Cyclists of Copenhagen

digital art, Adobe Illustrator, 2020

Since I’ve moved to Copenhagen, I am really enjoying the city and the easiness to cycle anywhere I want. I love it so much, I even bought waterproof pants to cycle in the rain! So this illustration is inspired by all the cyclists of Copenhagen, who seem to transport anything and everything on their bikes

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Mountain Troll

acrylic paints on wood, 60x80cm. 2022

The idea for this painting emerged during my holiday in Slovenia. Soca Valley in Slovenia is one of my favourite places in the world. ‚Ā†

‚Ā†Wandering in the mountains or simply laying on the grass and looking at the mountain peaks is my kind of thing.

When I was painting this piece, I spoke to somebody who believed in mountain trolls. I really loved that idea, so I incorporated it in the painting. 

My troll is resting in the shade of the mountains, holding tight to his camera – a gift from a traveller he met on his way. The sun is going to wake him up any minute now. Can you imagine where he might go?


In Hiding

acrylic paints on wood, 40x120cm. 2021

We are naturally attracted to the unknown, but if discovering means disturbing others, perhaps it’s better for our world if some things are left undiscovered. 

Little Mermaid

acrylic paints on wood, 40x120cm. 2021

What if it didn’t end that way…

What if she didn‚Äôt transform into the cold sea foam…what if she is in hiding, with just her music for company.



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Rainbow Dog

acrylic paints on wood, 30x30cm. 2021

Who doesn’t love rainbows??¬†

Well, where I come from, I could point out a few who don’t… ‚Ā† Rainbow Dog appreciates diversity and allows other to live their life the way that makes them happy.‚Ā†

Idea inspired by the lack of tolerance for the LGBT+ movement.


Rocky Giants

acrylic paints on wood, 800x120cm. 2021

If you stare at the mountains for long enough, you may start to see shapes and stories. 

‘Rocky Giants’ are inspired by my favorite skiing place. When I sit on the ski lift and look at the same mountain landscape, I often day dream and imagine that they are sleeping colossuses.¬†

A few weeks after finishing this painting, I was surprised to notice an additional giant, which I didn’t intend to paint‚Ķ

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Cosmic Dog

digital art, Adobe Illustrator. 2019

For all the pet lovers out there! This illustration was inspired by my furry friend Chrupka (Crunchy).

Our dog is a funny character. She often saves the day with her subtle, friendly dogginess.


Young Artist

digital art, Adobe Illustrator. 2019

A boy who loves to draw. Just look at him sitting inside an imagination bubble, drawing happy faces. This illustration was inspired by my older son.

Passionate Drummer

digital art, Adobe Illustrator. 2019

Young drummer’s energy and passion for music is something special. This one is inspired by my younger son.

Texture Pup

digital art, Adobe Illustrator. 2019

For all the pet lovers out there! This illustration was inspired by my best furry friend Chrupka (Crunchy).

My dog is a highly qualified food thief. She knows how to unzip backpacks and open lunch boxes.

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