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An unique pair of sneakers can really set you apart!


Cyclists of Copenhagen

Since I’ve moved to Copenhagen, I am really enjoying the city and the easiness to cycle anywhere I want. I love it so much, I have even bought waterproof pants to cycle in the rain! So this illustration is inspired by cyclists of Copenhagen, who seem to transport anything and everything on their bikes.

Wait a minute! Can I wear them in rain?

Yes! You can even jump in puddles and then wash them in a washing machine!

Your Idea My Design

It always starts with me listening carefully to Your idea…


Here are a few ready pairs to choose from...

If it's not your size or style, perhaps somebody you know would be happy to wear them?


Rainbow Dog

Who doesn’t love rainbows?? 

Well, where I come from, I could point out a few who don’t…

Rainbow Dog appreciates diversity and allows other to live their life the way that makes them happy.⁠

Idea inspired by lack of tolerance for the LGBT+ movement.


Foxy Pair

The colourful rainbow vibe of the sleeping fox is the perfect pair…not just for a holiday.

Let it brighten your day, every day!


Cheeky Monkey

Interesting variation of several famous artists together on one pair of sneakers.

Monkey from Banksy is wearing Picasso’s top and paints a rainbow on Mona Lisa.

Go Wild in Meadows


Outdoorsy spring vibe for those who love nature. Lay on the meadow and look and listen closely. There is so much life in the shade of grass and flowers.

Looking for an unique gift?

Ready to order for someone special? Get in contact with me to talk about a personalised design!


Bee Happy

Plant flowers, buy fair honey and bee happy.

This pair was inspired by colourful beehives in Slovenia’s Julian Alps.

As a matter of fact, this pair are now in Slovenia, worn by a local, who was lucky to find them before others did.

Below sneakers are already out on the streets somewhere!

These are chosen examples of my past commissions. You can use them as inspiration to order your custom sneakers.

Sailor's Birthday

Personalised gift for a birthday. All ideas come from the girlfriend of this very lucky catamaran’s sailor. I just brought the idea to life in the form of these shoes!

Croatia Vibes

Strong sun, colourful flowers, delicious food, great wine and loud cicadas. That’s a summary of a summer in Croatia.


Cat Delivery in Copenhagen

She loves cycling around Copenhagen with her cat in the flowery basket.


Monopoly Man in Excel

This crazy fun financial shoes were created for one of my digital art customers. The project was designed based on an illustration I created for them in a previous project!

What you see on the shoes is only a small part of the original artwork, which contains over 100 tiny drawings of peopleand is part of the ‘Where is Hardo‘ book.


Underwater Life

Not everyone likes bold colours and I am ok with that.

Subtle design on a grey pair of sneakers. Perfect for a summer evening on a beach holiday.


As much as I am too inpatient to paint realistic, I am totally open to it. Just like in case of mini portrait of Aidan turner on this pair of Classic Vans Slip On.


If you still have doubts whether it's a good idea...

Feel welcome to write to me!


International School

Requested for a special occasion, these shoes became part of the graduation outfit!  How cool is that!!


Kamala's Chucks

Special request from Kamala Harris’ fan.


Mermaid of Warsaw

The Mermaid of Warsaw getting ready for the new adventure and jumping to water to visit her Copenhagen colleague.

Did I mention, that some of the designs exist also outside of sneaker's world?

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