Portuguese Houses – Converse Chuck Taylor size 38 - mugaska
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Portuguese Houses – Converse Chuck Taylor size 38

These pair of custom Converse carry a warm holiday vibe☀️😎 ⁠
Design was inspired by colourful houses in Portugal🏘️🇵🇹 ⁠

This pair of original converse Chuck Taylors is in size 38.

If you need a different size, it will take me 1-2 weeks to paint the shoes for you.


Artwork is produced with high grade acrylic paint specifically designed for fabric. The final design is sealed.
Shoes are original Converse Chuck Taylor, size 38.



You can wash your custom shoes in the washing machine with with regular detergent.

It’s best to put the shoes into a pillow case or other bag for protection.

Recommended temperature 30 degrees Celsius.

For a better effect, you can prewash the shoes by hand before.

Please use a delicate sponge and avoid using any kind of bleach or hard brushing.

1.199,00 DKK