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Your idea my design – painting on the jean jacket

Stories that you can wear…

Custom jean jacket hand painted with an unique design inspired by your idea.

Is it a memory, favourite movie, beloved place, music band, person or an animal?

Do you need these jacket for a special occasion?

Or do you need a gift for someone special?


How does it work?


First let’s talk about what you want me to paint on your jacket.

Then I will prepare a design in photoshop, so it’s easy for you to imagine the final effect.

If you are happy with the design, send me your jacket and I will start painting.



Artwork is produced with high grade acrylic paint specifically designed for fabric. The final design is sealed.

It’s important so the material stays elastic and can be washed (detailed instructions are below).

Jacket is not included in the price.


Delivery Time

Delivery will be 2-3 weeks. If you need a quicker delivery, ask me if it’s possible. It all depends on my current work load.



You can wash your custom jacket in the washing machine with with regular detergent.

It’s best to put the jacket into a pillow case or other bag for protection.

Recommended temperature 30 degrees Celsius.

For a better effect, you can prewash it by hand before.

Please use a delicate sponge and avoid using any kind of bleach or hard brushing.



Payment is split into two parts.

Deposit covers the cost of the design.

If you are happy with the design, I will ask you to pay the rest of the amount.


1.050,00 DKK

First Instalment : 300,00 DKK Per item