Re-Love It

Don't trash it, let me upcycle it​

Cuddle in the Mountains

The idea started, when my friend asked me to fix her favourite bag by covering a stain with a design.

After a leaky pen epoisode (we have all had them!), a favourite leather bag ended up in the bottom of the closet, never to see the light of day again!

It wasn’t going on adventures any more and dreaded to be thrown away during every spring cleaning.

Then one day a fresh design covered the stain and brought it back to life.


How many things do you keep but don't wear?

Ready to give your stuff a second life?

Spring Deer

A favourite pair of Converse…so comfortable, but not so white as the day they were taken home!

Instead of trashing them, I was asked to upcycle them with a painting of colourful deer.


Fluffy Best Friend

I found this bag in a second hand shop. In the times, when more and more people become vegans, natural leather is getting unpopular. Nevertheless it shouldn’t stop us from using what is already out there.

Let your old boring clothes come out of the closet

Ready to give your stuff a second life?

Mermaid of Warsaw

I bought this jacket for a few dollars in a 2nd hand shop. It was in great condition, just needed a colourful design to fit my style better. Of course I used ‘Mermaid of Warsaw’. The same one, that I painted on my first ever pair of Converse.


Movies from the 80's

Aren’t those the best movies of all times? πŸ˜‰ For me it’s a sentimental era, as it connects to my childhood. However recently I met a young fun of these movies, so I guess it’s not only the sentiment that makes them special.

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