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About Me

Hi, it’s nice to see you here! My name is Joanna Mugford, or less formal Aska.

My art is telling stories about here and now, inspired by nature and the good side of life.

I live my life following the clue to appreciate small things and don’t take anything for granted.

As a minimalist, I am driven towards sustainable use of art, by re-loving used and abandoned stuff with colourful designs.

🇵🇱 Originally I am from Poland but at the moment I am living in Copenhagen with my lovely family and a dog

🎨 Iam a part of female Art Collective in Art Escape Studio Copenhagen

🍫 I am addicted to dark chocolate


In the past...

2022 – Female NFT exhibition, Dailininkų Sąjungos Galerija, Vilnius, Lithuania

2022 – Introspective, Art Escape Studios, Copenhagen, Denmark

2021 – Completely Unknown, Art Escape Studios, , Copenhagen, Denmark



'Don't let them fool you'

I create my art to make others smile. However there is an anxiety growing inside me and I need to get it out. Nothing new… it’s about the health of our planet. So what if soon there won’t be anything to smile about? Isn’t nature the basis of everything?

My upcoming solo exhibition is all about nature. I am working on creating paintings about Geoffrey the Beekeeper, re-loved / up cycled clothes and a series of animal portraits.

1st of April 2023

My art is telling stories about the here and now. Inspired by nature and the good side of life


plant flowers, buy fair honey



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