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Art That Cares About Nature

Nature Art

Creating with colour and humour, inspired by nature and the good side of life

Art That Cares About Nature

Nature Art

Visual stories about here and now, inspired by nature and the good side of life

acrylic portrait of a sloth holding onto a red street signal light

Stop and be slothful

acrylics on wood, 60x80cm, 2023

While sloths are considered as lazy, the fun fact is that they spend most of their time digesting food. Their lethargic lifestyle allows the sloth to grow algae and fungi on their fur, which holds a lot of goodness and gives hope to enrich our medicine. 

Here is a crazy thought… while life is spinning fast, maybe from time to time it’s worth ‘slothing’ down and focusing on ‘digesting’ what’s around?

Sluzy from Sluseholmen

series of watercolour cards and illustrations about local seal in Copenhagen

Sluzy🦭💙 is a local seal, which keeps coming back nearby my home in South Copenhagen😃

Each time I walk my dog, I look around and search for Sluzy. It’s so nice to see her resting on the pier or diving in water to catch a fish😊

Currently cards and selected illustrations are available in local cafe Ricco’s Kaffebar in Sluseholmen. If you can’t visit Ricco’s to get a card or you are interested in custom illustration with Sluzy, send me a message here

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