Second life of stuff…🧟‍♀️

In the past few months I had chance to bring a few things back to life. Everything started with reanimation of the 30 year old dwarf 😉

Being locked down, I have spent loads of time in the garden (so lucky I know!). Sunny weather made me look for stuff to do outside my computer. I was painting flower pots and custom shoes. Having my paints and paint brushes always out, slowly attracted some unexpected jobs too.

For a start I was asked to renew a garden dwarf. This one was 30 years old and looked more like a zombie dwarf. His eyes were empty and scary… I felt disturbed and I had do something about it;)

Another job was a pair of zombie shoes…sentimentally kept at the bottom of the closet, waiting for the moonless night and power black out in the city 😉 I have to mention that in this case the design is not mine but it’s a loose copy of one of the Adidas custom shoes.

Lastly, I have taken care of a forgotten bag. Once upon a time, a bag was stained with a leaky pen and put aside and ….happy end 😉

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