YA’BASIC – Sometimes going back to basics can help you jump to the next level

It’s been over 4 years since I left my finance job and started developing my artistic side. I had a crazy amount

of work to do to cover for the lack of art studies and years of practice. So skipping the basic drawing training, I have rushed into learning comics, children illustration, cartooning, vector graphics, painting on walls, flower pots, wooden boxes and lately sneakers.

At the end of 2020, I was in a ditch!

I felt I’d reached my limits and I wasn’t happy with the results. So, over a few glasses of wine with my friend, moaning about my ditch, she gifted me a drawing class. It was time to learn some basics :-). Something that I skipped before, but was coming back to haunt me!

So, over the next month, I started drawing “boring” cups of coffee and whatever else. And then I had to draw a portrait… Something I absolutely dread, because it’s actually very difficult and takes…soooo….much..time! BUT, you know what? I loved it! 🙂 I loved the focus on basics and just drawing what I saw. I didn’t have to think and It was AWESOME!

Also I was surprised how well online lesson worked. Surely it wasn’t the same as in reality, but it was as good at it could be.

Overall the course was refreshing and relaxing. I’ve finally learned a few pencil tricks and I reflected on my ‘creativity crisis’;-) On top of that, the portrait become a succesful Christmas present 😉

For anyone who is interested in online drawing class, I recommend classes by http://berenikakowalska.com at https://www.sztukarnia.pl

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