Mural in Roskilde – blue mermaid on a viking boat

‘Hey, remember when you told me, you always wanted to paint a mural outside? There is a gig in Roskilde, wanna come and paint?’ – said my friend Chris

Well, within last 3 weeks, I had a solo exhibition, went for a ‘dentist’ trip to Poland,  moved to a different apartment and I was expecting my mum in law to visit for few days, feeling a bit exhausted … so not a good time man, not good… but how could I say ‘no’? ha ha 

Design in Photoshop
I use projector for inside murals, but this time printing main parts of the design felt safer
Let's tidy up this wall first!
Mermaid is ready to transfer
Chris painting dreamy mountains
Here she is...
And done! Thank you Chris for inviting me to this collab:)

watch the video

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