Art process behind ‘Stop and be slothful’

Let me walk you through my art process of the 6th portrait from ‘Don’t Let Them Fool You’ series. It’s the sloth – adorable creature living their slothful lives in the middle of rainforests. Seriously I couldn’t find one good reason not to include them in my series…

Usually once the idea emerges, I make a few rough notes of whatever comes to my mind:

  • save rainforest
  • save sloths
  • protect amazon rainforest
  • algae in fur
  • slow life
  • slow down
  • take a breather
  • take a break and smile

With all the above ingredients, the idea starts cooking until I am ready to explore it further in my sketchbook. Find the of the process in the visual presentation. Enjoy!

rough sketch of the idea
digital design in Photoshop
first layer on the canvas
locking basic shapes
oh to make it less ugly??
finally on the right track
refining sloth's fur
getting the light super red
final touches on the cute face
acrylic portrait of a sloth holding onto a red street signal light
Stop and be slothful. acrylics on wood, 60x80cm. 2023

‘Don’t let them fool you’ is an art series presenting a collection of animal portraits in response to rapidly growing need for sustainable actions.

Usually I create my art to make others smile. However there’s been an anxiety growing inside me and I needed to get it out. Nothing new… It’s about the health of our planet. So what if soon there won’t be anything to smile about? 

Isn’t nature the basis of everything?

Learn more about the exhibition here:

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