Art process behind ‘Lotta wrap riding hood’

Let me walk you through my art process of the 2nd portrait from ‘Don’t Let Them Fool You’ series. It’s the wolf – host and guardian of the forest and not a scary villain from the children story…

Usually once the idea emerges, I make a few rough notes of whatever comes to my mind:

  • protect wolves
  • stop hunting
  • protect the forest
  • trash in the forest
  • old fridge, sofa etc in the forest
  • too much bubble wrap used
  • red riding hood
With all the above ingredients, the idea starts cooking until I am ready to explore it further in my sketchbook. Find the of the process in the visual presentation. Enjoy!
rough idea
sketch in Photoshop
quick colour choices
reference photo
thanks Dyveke for posing!
first layers on canvas
I might get rid of the glasses...
painting of fur starts
refining the eyes
details on bubble wrap
basket of trash
final touch
acrylic portrait of a wolf dressed in a bubble wrap hoodie and holding a basket of trash

Lotta wrap riding hood. acrylics on wood, 40x50cm. 2022


‘Don’t let them fool you’ is an art series presenting a collection of animal portraits in response to rapidly growing need for sustainable actions.

Usually I create my art to make others smile. However there’s been an anxiety growing inside me and I needed to get it out. Nothing new… It’s about the health of our planet. So what if soon there won’t be anything to smile about? 

Isn’t nature the basis of everything?

Learn more about the exhibition here:

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