My wolf takes second place in ArtClimate2030 competition

Just after the solo exhibition, I applied for art climate competition. I submitted 5 of animal portraits from ‘Don’t Let Them Fool You’ series and hoped for the best! 

First goal was to be chosen for the exhibition in Sweden, where they were going to show 50 artworks selected in public voting. 

Obviously I spread the word about it as much as I could to help the dream come true. One day I got an email inviting me to take part in the group show in Göteborg. Yay!

Thank you everyone that voted for me. I couldn’t do it without you 🙂

It was the wolf, that took part in the exhibition. The reversed story of Red Riding Hood got the biggest amount of votes. 

So there was no other option than to drive 3 hours to Sweden to see the exhibition. It was a nice mini adventure and I was glad to see that my painting was surrounded with tons of  awesome work from other artists. 

I felt like there was no chance I could go further in this competition. Nevertheless being a part of this exhibition already felt like a great success. What ever would happen next, I already felt like a winner;) 

Stage One complete….now it was up to professional jury or curators and gallery owners to decide about the winning 10!

Guess what? I got in! However in the meantime I had a little surgery and was recovering on the sofa at home not being able to walk much. Hence I couldn’t go to the award ceremony and I ended up watching it online … buuuu 🙁 …I was so eager to take part in it and meet other winning artists. 

To my huge surprise, I took 2nd place among the 10 winners. Wow, wow, wow


acrylic portrait of a wolf dressed in a bubble wrap hoodie and holding a basket of trash

Stage Three is waiting for my artwork to painted as mural somewhere. How exciting is that?? Hope it really happens and if it does, I will go there and probably help painting, especially if it’s in a nice warm place 🙂

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