Green paint is a nightmare

This painting is about water and yet I almost set it on fire… All because I got too excited about painting with fluorescent green…

Green is a very tricky colour. Whenever I start using green paint, I get completely stuck or loose colour balance of the whole picture. I am slowly coming into a conclusion, that I don’t know how to paint with green paint…

dontLetThemFoolYou_mugaska-joanna-mugford-featured image

Don’t Let Them Fool You

It was a beautiful, sunny evening followed by an incredible night! I came to the gallery a bit earlier, hoping to have a little moment before everyone else comes. Surprisingly visitors started coming before I managed to change my clothes and get into a zone. I was so overwhelmed, that I lost the notes with …

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bees-and-the-city-blog_featured image3

Bees and the City

Could you imagine bees biking around Copenhagen, going to the office in the morning? Could you imagine bees hanging out with their bee friends at the doorsteps with a can of Honey Beer while posing for selfies on Instagram? Well, Natalya and I tried to visualise these imaginations and turned them into buzzy animations! Natalya …

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Monster in the studio

There is a young girl that talks to the monster hand painted on one of the doors of Art Escape Studios in Copenhagen. She comes to the kids workshops and whenever she has the chance, she creeps off to talk to the monster to act as his official translator, telling the other kids in the …

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