• Artwork_Geoffrey_The_Beekeeper_in_Copenhagen_acrylics_on_wood_mugaska_joanna_mugford

Beekeeper in Copenhagen


3.000,00 kr.

acrylic paints on wood, 30x30cm. 2021



Continuation of acrylic painting Geoffrey the Beekeeper. 

Geoffrey is a free spirit and eco friendly dude. He plants trees and flowers to support bees⁠. As an appreciation, bees rewarded him with a ‘bee friendly badge’. If you look carefully, you can spot it on his funky uniform.

I started this series of paintings in January 2021. 

In August 2021,  Geoffrey went to Tivoli for the flower festival. He was a hero of the photo board (200x150cm), which I painted for the local honey producer Bybi.dk.


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