Camel Chic

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    watercolour on 100% cotton paper, size 20x20cm, black wooden frame with glass, 2024

    A good yoga stretch is priceless. Good for the body and for mind. Also good for the chickens (?)… or at least this particular one 😉

    Additional Information

    Chic is one of my oldest characters. He was born during ‘Inktober’ 2018.

    Inktober is an October illustration challenge, which requires an ink drawing a day. I took part in this challenge several times, but only managed to finish it once in 2018.

    Since then chic earned a soft spot in my creative heart and recently came back as a chill yoga bird.

    Yoga Chic is here to remind you to take a good stretch into your day and be mindful about your ways. Slowing down is the new cool and movement can help solve complicated mysteries deep in our bodies and souls 😉

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