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Never doubt what nobody is sure about (acrylics, 40x50cm)


6.500,00 kr.

acrylic paints on wood, 50x60cm. 2022



‘Never doubt what nobody is sure about’ – a quote from ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, that really makes you reflect. So let’s stop for a moment and think, would Willy Wonka, the famous sugar nerd, accept unfair palm oil in his chocolate?

The hero of this painting is wearing Willy Wonka’s glasses and a hat, but unlike the Roald Dahl story, this is a story of a Monkey and a Palm Oil Factory. 

Orangutans are great apes native to the rainforests of Indonesia and Malaysia. Sadly at the moment they can be found only in Borneo and Sumatra, where their habitats are fast disappearing under the chainsaw belonging to timber, palm oil and mining companies.

So shopping responsibly has never been so important. Look for an RSPO certificate or buy products without palm oil. And you might be surprised by the list of products with palm oil, because it includes many unexpected items like shampoo or house detergent.

Fun facts about orangutans:

  • They share 96% of genes with humans.  That’s why from Malay Orang Utan means Person of the Forest
  • They can tickle each other and laugh.
  • They can spread their arms up to 2 meters wide

7% of proceeds from the sale will be donated to orangutan.org


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