• acrylic portrait of polar bear mum keeping her kids cold and happy in a thermal bag

Summer staycation

700,00 kr.

Available on backorder


  • size 40x50cm
  • high quality archival art paper White Velvet 270 gsm
  • edition number and original signature
  • available on backorder
  • estimated delivery time 2-4 week
  • 7% of proceeds from the sale will be donated to polarbearsinternational.org

Additional Information

Ahhh…the classic family summer photo.  You know the one, we all have it, mum with the funny hat, wearing the brightest clothes she can find…wrapping her arms around the playful kids and looking serious…straight at the camera

But this shouldn’t be the deal…the Polar bears don’t want to go to Ibiza!

Too much mud and water without floe doesn’t suit its beautiful fur, nor the lifestyle of the Sea Bear. The more the ice melts, the more restrictive becomes their access to wider territories and natural food sources.

Whenever you have the chance, vote for polar bears and reduction of greenhouse gasses. There are multiple petitions gathering votes, which are run by environmental organizations.In the meantime, hop on a bicycle whenever you can.

Fun fact about polar bears:

  • Polar bear’s fur is not white, but transparent and their skin is black.
  • They are awesome swimmers, who can go even as far as 100 kilometers in one go.
  • Their tongue is blue.
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