So what’s up?;-)

Hello World, this is my first post in English:-)

For the past two weeks, I was trying to give my site new, proffesional look 馃槈 On top of that I have decided to switch language to more international. It makes more sense, as I am working for foreign customers. Also part of my family can read only English. It’s high time for my mother in law to be able to read my posts 馃槈

So what’s up with me? For few months now I’ve been working for a new customer and unfotunately that’s all I can say about that for now.

Apart from that, I was learning Adobe Illustrator and finally made friends with it 馃槈 It wasn’t easy cause it’s not friendly at all. However once you manage to break that barrier, it’s pretty awesome. Here is what I’ve done by now.

I have finally managed to realise one of my long term wishes to create full comic and print it. 30 pages long… Hard work but a lot of fun 馃槈

During Christmas holiday, when the laziness reached maximum levels, I got into a phase ‘I need to do something or I am going get mad’… So I’ve painted 2 murals in our house 馃檪

And now I hope you will explore my new site. If anything looks weird or doesn’t work, please let me know! 馃檪