How I’ve failed to finish Inktober again…

This has been my 3rd year of Inktober challenge. In summary I have finished it once and failed twice 🙂 Inktober has been started a few years ago by Jake Parker and it’s a lovely challenge to make 31 drawings during October. However it’s really exhausting

if you want to have a proper plan instead of drawing ‘whatever’… So If you are ok to draw a coffee mug everyday and you would be happy with your 31 coffee mugs, then yay, you have a chance to finish Inktober 🙂 However I don’t like to draw coffee mugs…

This year Ive decided to draw 31 characters, which I wanted to use later for my custom shoes designs. It was going well until I have gone for a week holiday… So here is what I managed to draw divided by stages of my decreasing Inktober spirit…;-)

These are characters, which I put a lot of effort and thought. I got all ideas ready before challenge started. So full spirit! 🙂

Here are some last moment idea designs for the next days. Still not so bad, probably 80% of Inktober spirit 😉

Then I forgot that I wanted to create 31 characters… So I’ve made a comic… I love comics, so it improved my spirit for a bit 😉

But then it just got worse… last minute ideas, quick drawings, not so much character designs any more… My Inktober spirit collapsed…

So I’ve managed to finish total of 18 / 31 days. And then I gave up and decided to learn Adobe Animate instead… But that’s a story for another post 😉

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