How to animate a dancing penguin

Few weeks ago, I was looking for new things to entertain myself and get me into a creative mood. So I’ve decided to draw penguins… 😉 Many, many penguins… and then I thought that I could try to animate them.

I always dreamt to animate something and this was a great moment. Don’t expect too much tho … my video is very ‘ya basic’ 😉 Nevertheless I am happy with it for now 🙂

That’s it! 😉 Hard to believe how much work went into it! Below are all my frames.

For those interested in learning basics of animation, here is a link to a very cool course by master animator Aaron Blaise (“The Lion King”, “Brother Bear”, “Mulan”). At the moment is 75% off… 🙂

Concerning technical site, I was using Adobe Animate, which basics I’ve learned from Jazza. Here is the link:

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