my 2020 … good things that happened

Obviously year 2020 has got a dark side, but I don’t have to mention those. Instead I wanted to remember the good things that happened. Here is a very random mix of what comes to my mind, when i think about 2020:

  • watching the whole ‘Modern family’ series with my kids. So much laughter together 😉
  • learning how to use the pen tool – it’s a scary side of Adobe Illustrator 😉
  • long family walks through the fields, where I’ve seen hundreds of deer and rabbits (nevertheless short legs, our sausage shaped dog is very passionate about chasing them)
  • spending long hours in the garden painting stuff
  • discovering that painting sneakers is way cooler than painting flower pots
  • over the fence parties with the neighbours
  • painting several murals around our house
  • turning our garden into a colourful meadow – a restaurant for local bugs;-)
  • moving to Copenhagen and living close to the sea
  • cycling and yoga as an everyday routine
  • developing new relationships with other artists
  • opening an Etsy shop with custom shoes

Like for many businesses, this year wasn’t great for me. I either had no time for my clients (home schooling kids in Spring and preparing to move to Denmark) or no clients at all (settling in a new country during Summer and then the second quarantine in Autumn). However once I stopped dwelling on my constraints, I’ve started focusing on preparing for better times. So yeah, i am ready for 2021! 🙂

BTW, here is a good book for those who lost their creative spark:

Keep Going

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