Party Bees

When beekeeper is sleeping, bees are taking a party brake.

1.400,00 kr.

Cosmic Getaway

Are there other planets, where we could start new life? Geoffrey is going to explore that.

700,00 kr.

Geoffrey in Hammock

Have you heard about urban food deserts? Not on Geoffrey's watch! He plants flowers for bees and vegetables for humans, wherever he finds some space.

3.000,00 kr.

Beekeeper in Copenhagen

Geoffrey was attracted by Copenhagen - green city, which is cultivating cycling and harvesting local honey.

2.800,00 kr.

Geoffrey the Beekeeper

Geoffrey is a free spirit and eco friendly dude. He plants trees and flowers to support bees⁠. As an appreciation, bees rewarded him with a ‘bee friendly badge’. If you look carefully, you can spot it on his funky uniform.

99,00 kr.
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